A close look at the playing styles and overview of two of the Premier Leagues biggest teams – how should we see this game in the context of the season as a whole?


Gareth Southgate: Is he the right man to manage England?

by Tim Bradford on October 16, 2016

The FA are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to find the new full time manager of the England team. There are a range of different skills and attributes needed for the role. Could modest Gareth be the man they’re after?


Sam Allardyce’s whirlwind reign as England manager

by Tim Bradford on September 28, 2016

Now that we’ve finally come to terms with losing Mr Roy and Gary Neville, it’s time to turn to the new England regime and Mr 100%, Big Sam Allardyce. He’s swept in to the England set up determined to do it his way. We all need to belt up because it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride!


Graphic Details – Mike Ashley’s Payment System

by Tim Bradford on September 13, 2016


Mike Ashley’s payment system, by @Urban_Country from WSC 356 … #nufc


An in-depth animated match report of the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France, with Cristiano Ronaldo going through conflicting emotions during the 120 minutes.


An overview of the France Germany semi in the sofa-bound lo-fi animated report style.


The final episode of Mr Roy and Gary Neville – this time we see the game from the perspective of Iceland’s mercurial managerial duo. During the game, Roy visualises ultimate glory. But football can be cruel. With a montage of some of their greatest moments at the end.


Lo-fi Animated Match Reports

by Tim Bradford on July 17, 2012

I spent much of he Euros making animated videos for the WSC site. For the full list see the animation page. Here’s the most recent one.

Obviously I wanted Spain to win. I love the way they play, even if it does make my eyes bleed sometimes. It’s a bit like looking at certain kinds of art – say the Rothko Chapel in Houston., It’s beautiful but it also makes you want to weep because you realise that life is short. But football is complicated – by the 2nd half I was rooting for plucky Italy. At least hoping they would get a few goals back.

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Suriname football

Illustration for the WSC Daily, May 22nd 2012, at wsc.co.uk


Euro 2012 Preview

by Tim Bradford on May 22, 2012

Ireland at Euro 2012

From April edition of When Saturday Comes, Euro 2012 Preview