Mr Roy and Gary Neville

Here are all the episodes so far of Mr Roy and Gary Neville in one place.

Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 1 – Euro 2012 Build-up (14th June 2012). I had set out with the intention of producing one of those smart animated news info-graphics about England at Euro 2012. However, as ever I got sidetracked and ended up doing this…



Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 2 – England v France Euro 2012 (15th June 2012). Thanks to excellent research on the French by Gary Neville, and a smart tip from Roy’s magic hair, England manage to hold out in their first game.




Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 3 – England v Sweden Euro 2012 (21st June 2012). Gary Neville’s research skills help the England players learn more about Sweden. But Mr Roy’s hair is giving him strange signals. And will Stevey G be allowed to play his beloved Hollywood balls?



Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 4 – England v Ukraine World Cup 2014 qualifier (10th September 2013).
Roy is worried about the trip to Ukraine, until Gary gives him an in-depth analysis of the country. They then concoct a plan to neutralise the Ukrainian flair players. After this performance, football fans around the world will be hoping this England team makes it all the way to Brazil and lights up the tournament with their unique brand of Utilitarian-Trundling-With-Some-Headers-Thrown-In.



Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 5 – England v Poland World Cup 2014 qualifier (18th October 2013). A short video analysing the ramifications of England’s win against Poland and looking ahead to how they might fare in the tournament in 2014.



Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 6 – Switzerland v England Euro 2016 qualifier (9th September 2014). England manager Roy Hodgson and coach Gary Neville devise a new plan for their Euro 2016 qualifying match against Switzerland – based around Arsenal’s new £16 million summer signing from Manchester United, Danny Welbeck.


Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 7 – The dream team of Roy Hodgson and Gary Neville is back with more very organised football adventures as they pick their provisional squad of 26 players for the European Championship.



Mr Roy and Gary Neville, Episode 8 – England v Portugal Euro 2016 warm up game (3rd June 2016). Roy Hodgson uses his magic hair to get some tactical ideas for England’s Euro 2016 warm-up game against Portugal at Wembley… but it’s very confusing. What can it mean?

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