Lo-fi animated match reports – Spain v Italy (Euro 2012 Final)

Obviously I wanted Spain to win. I love the way they play, even if it does make my eyes bleed sometimes. It’s a bit like looking at certain kinds of art – say the Rothko Chapel in Houston., It’s beautiful but it also makes you want to weep because you realise that life is short. But football is complicated – by the 2nd half I was rooting for plucky Italy. At least hoping they would get a few goals back.

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Lo-fi animated match reports – Germany v Italy

A clash of styles – the crazy samba soccer of Germany against the dour Italian defensive wall. Can Prandelli live with the tactical and strategic genius of Löw? One thing’s for sure, you won’t get too many match facts from this little baby…

It’s sort of animated – unlike the German midfield.

Lo-fi animated match reports – Spain v Portugal

The excitement is mounting. Will Cristiano Ronaldo win it for Portugal? Will Spain let Portugal touch the ball? Will the interventionist football deity get involved, if he exists?

Lo-fi animated match reports – England v Italy

Watching England in a tournament knock-out game isn’t just about football – it’s also about the realisation that broken dreams and failure is really what it’s all about. Stoicism. Heartbreak. A realistic appraisal of reality.

But hold on – when Jack Wilshere gets fit, England could be world beaters…

Lo-fi animated match reports – Spain v France

What is time? What is life? What is beauty? What is death? These are the things that come to mind when watching Spain in high tiki-taka mode as they slowly draw the life out of the opposition. Here the full existential horror is captured in lo-fi animated form.

Lo-fi animated match reports – Germany v Greece

If you love smart and slick info-graphics then you’ll probably hate this. I created it overnight after watching Germany v Greece in the pub.

I had intended to do one of those smart animated news info-graphics about England at Euro 2012…

England v Sweden

Gary Neville’s research skills help the England players learn more about Sweden. But Mr Roy’s hair is giving him strange signals. And will Stevey G be allowed to play his beloved Hollywood balls?

England v France

Thanks to excellent research on the French by Gary Neville, and a smart tip from Roy’s magic hair, England manage to hold out in their first game.

The Road to the Euros

I had intended to do one of those smart animated news info-graphics about England at Euro 2012. However, I ended up doing this…

Thanks to the brilliant footballer voice actors who added superb impersonations for this animation – I can’t believe you guys have been out of work for so long.

The Cap and Psycho series ran on the When Saturday Comes website during the World Cup and featured a sensible little Stuart Pearce and crazed dictatorial Fabio Capello as they tried vainly to keep the England Project on the rails.

6th June 2010
Watch out for some not-that-madcap footballing non-adventures with Fabio Capello and his hilarious sidekick Stuart ‘Psycho’ Pearce.

10th June 2010
More World Cup adventures for Fabio Capello and Stuart Pearce in this not-quite-feature-length animation – co-starring Sepp Blatter.

11th June 2010
More animated World Cup excitement. Stuart has concerns about the USA’s work rate and belief. But Fabio is not worried.

17th June 2010 – The Beckenbauer Incident.
Fabio is stung by Franz Beckenbauer’s criticisms of his methods. He decides the best form of revenge is to play some beautiful football. But who will he pick?

23rd June 2010
It’s the eve of the crunch game with Slovenia and at last Fabio shows his progressive side by outlining a range of sophisticated ideas and tactics that leave the players feeling very positive.

June 28th 2010
More England-related animated fun. It’s time for Stuart and Fabio to go over what went wrong against Germany… or is it?

The WSC Very Accurate Guide to the World Cup

A celebration of the genius of West Germany keeper Harald ‘Toni’ Schumacher

The story of England’s progress in the 1986 – complete with the ‘big man’ system and Bobby Robson’s dream about a magical stone monkey.

At the 1990 World Cup Irish manager Jack Charlton had a plan for success. But not everyone was happy, especially elegant giraffe-necked defender David O’Leary. This short animation has been translated from English accents by Irish voice actors at the RTE Realistic Irish Voices Dept.

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